50 ml tube


Viticolor skin camouflage gel has been especially designed to give a longer lasting color to depigmented areas of the epidermis.


Viticolor gel combines: Colorants to give an immediate color on the skin and facilitate easier application of the product. Pigmenting agents (DHA and Erythrulose) contribute to a longer lasting and more uniform spread of color, which appears a few hours after application.

Directions for use

Apply Viticolor gel on the depigmented areas by using the brush provided for a more precise application. With the flat part of the brush, start to apply from the center of the depigmented area and then draw the product in circles toward the border to avoid any demarcation. Allow to dry. After 8 hours, if the resulting color is too light, renew the application until you obtain the right color. Then, one to two applications per week are enough to maintain the coloration. May leave marks on your clothes.

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