Dépiwhite.S SPF 50+

40 ml tube


Depiwhite.S SPF 50+ is an anti-brown spot sun protection SPF 50+ / UVA 20 skincare designed to:
– Reduce brown spots caused by sun exposure
– Limit their reappearance
– Assure an effective sun protection SPF 50+ / UVA 20

Thanks to high sun protection factor and its association of depigmenting ingredient of
vegetal origin, Depiwhite.S SPF 50+ helps to reduce brown spots and prevents
their reappearance.

Directions for use

Apply the product generously 30 minutes before each sun exposure. Regularly renew the application particularly after swimming, sweating or toweling yourself dry.
Do not stay in the sun for too long even if you use a sunscreen product as it does not protect you completely. Excessive sun exposure is dangerous for health.

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